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We offer a variety of services, tailored to meet your needs while offering integrated support with reduced waiting times. Our various forms of therapies and services will help you address and cope with past or current issues. Our solution-focused treatment approach is positive, non-judgmental, and collaborative with the focus based on your strengths.

Our treatment team of licensed clinicians are uniquely qualified to treat co-occurring mental health disorders and addiction. We optimize personal potential through a collaborative counseling approach to increase awareness, minimize stigma, and aid in identifying positive strengths and values to reach your personal treatment goals.

  • Comprehensive Assessment & Screening (recovery access/care coordination, mental health and drug/alcohol assessments, Casey law assessments)
  • Adult & Youth Counseling (dual diagnosis)
  • Enhanced Family Services (family counseling and parent coaching)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Aftercare Program (adult) (dual diagnosis)
  • Peer Support Services (recovery coaching, advocacy, self-help/life skills education)
  • Targeted Case Management (care coordination, advocacy, linking and referring to community resources) 
  • Consultation

Virtual Care and Support Solutions

In response to COVID-19 and to maintain vital behavioral health care without disruption, FamilyCare Counseling Solutions, LLC is now online bringing our outpatient addiction and mental health care services directly to you as an option.

Online counseling or Telehealth is very similar to what an in-person session would be, you’ll be connecting with us via video conferencing and chat using a cloud-based software called Zoom in order to access the services you need and deserve.

Whatever the treatment access barriers might be for you— we provide the solutions and options to fit your individualized care and support for you and your family.

  • Virtual Individual and family counseling
  • Virtual IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program combining group therapy and individual counseling sessions)
  • Targeted Case Management


FamilyCare offers a strong outpatient continuum of care plans and integrated wraparound services under one roof. FamilyCare Counseling Solutions, LLC, will act as a recovery health access point to offer assistance for screening, case management, and active referral to treatment and recovery support services, a game-changer to the Northern Bluegrass Region. This initiative will help clients connect to the appropriate level of care, offer assistance on recovery information, and give referrals to help navigate treatment options in our community. The treatment center will also provide increased clinical and substance abuse assessments, Casey’s law assessments for alcohol and other drug problems, enhanced individual and family counseling, peer support, and case management services. Familycare customizes participants programs and services on a case by case basis to address specific treatment needs as needs differ from person to person.



We provide on-demand counseling services for adults, children/adolescents, and individuals with co-occurring addiction. Services include assessment/screenings, individuals, group, and family sessions based on your identified needs. Our services are aimed to help identify and reduce symptoms related to trauma, anxiety, depression, social issues, loss and grief, abuse, addiction, anger management, LGBTQ issues, and much more. Treatment services predominantly takes place in our clinic/outpatient office setting.

You will complete an assessment to identify your specific needs and eligibility for services, be assigned a counselor who will provide the support and guidance to determine treatment options that meets your schedule and needs.


FamilyCare Counseling Solutions, LLC offers enhanced family therapy services to youth and families impacted by mental health and alcohol and other substances to help find pathways to recovery grounded in high-quality outpatient behavioral health care. We offer an intensive outpatient family therapy program.

Our Intensive Family Therapy Program is an outpatient counseling service that includes individual/family counseling and targeted case management services. It is geared for children and youth who are in out of home placement or at risk for out of home placement, danger to self-and/or others (at risk for suicide, runaway, promiscuity, and/or at risk for causing injury to persons or to property) and have been identified as having behavioral and emotional problems that impact their ability to function successfully in the home, school, and/or community settings.

Services are offered to youth and their families who are ages 5-21 with the average length of service being 12-24 weeks. Treatment predominately takes place in the office setting but may include wrap around services taking place in the community and/or home depending on what is agreed upon by the parent and the entire treatment team during the assessment and treatment planning.

Services provided by the identified treatment team includes:

  • Individual and family counseling (both are required for this program)
  • Behavioral modification and coping skills,
  • Modeling,
  • Crisis intervention,
  • Target Case management and,
  • Client-centered consultation and advocacy with teachers/school personnel, cabinet workers, and attorneys as needed.

If a youth does not qualify for the Intensive Family Therapy Program, he or she may qualify for an outpatient level of care on an as needed basis as determined by the assessment and your treatment team.


We offer targeted case management services for individuals and families who may need additional help and service coordination to get you to where you need to be. The Care Navigator will help link community supports based on identified needs. We provide connections to self-help groups, food, housing assistance, transportation, employment assistance, recreation, educational needs, and disability benefits just to name a few. Services are only offered to qualified participants who are enrolled in Medicaid.


FamilyCare Counseling Solutions, LLC has a highly skilled team that includes certified peer supports. He or she will be able to provide individualized recovery coaching, advocacy, self-help and life skills support groups. Certified Peer Support Specialists are considered your personal coach throughout your treatment because they understand your recovery journey.


An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) will help individuals in recovery to continue their recovery therapies following successful detox or residential program, on a part-time yet intensive schedule, designed to accommodate your work and family life. With our program you are able to establish a foundation for long term recovery support in your local community right from the start of your treatment.


Group Sessions: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Time: 9am-12p (Day Group)


Time: 6p-9p (Evening Group)

Our IOP program gives you something no other addiction treatment provider offers in Northern Kentucky — an intensive outpatient program (IOP) with ongoing effective, personalized recovery support to help you build a new life in recovery.

We will provide you…
-More tools
-More support
-More fellowship
-More encouragement
-More connections

You will have access to your own licensed addiction/mental health counselor and recovery coach (peer support specialist) for personal support.

We utilize The Matrix Program which is an award-winning, evidence-based program created by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation among other evidenced-based resources.

If addiction treatment is about getting sober, recovery is about learning how to stay sober through education and fellowship.

To make a referral or to schedule an assessment, please call us at 859-261-0086 or email at familycare.nky@gmail.com


Aftercare at FamilyCare is weekly support groups designed to help patients with navigating the triggers and obstacles which often show up upon reintegration into normal, daily living. Aftercare is effective in supporting patients in early recovery and can help prevent relapse. Staff are available for phone support as well as in-person contact as needed for continued support.

Patients in Aftercare are provided a stable connection to the therapeutic community while returning to daily living. Aftercare can last anywhere from 3-6 months of classes to however long it takes to find long term remission and stability.

Intensive Outpatient Program led by FamilyCare Counseling Solutions

Our IOP program gives you something no other addiction treatment provider offers in Northern Kentucky — an intensive outpatient program (IOP) with ongoing effective, personalized recovery support to help you build a new life in recovery.

We will provide you…
-More tools
-More support
-More fellowship
-More encouragement
-More connections

You will have access to your own licensed addiction/mental health counselor and recovery coach (peer support specialist) for personal support.

MORE helps you…
*Work through issues commonly faced in early recovery,
*Identify healthy coping strategies,
*Strengthen self-awareness,
*Set and reach personal commitments each week,
*Increase Spiritual insights and inspiration,
*Develop a relapse-prevention plan; and
*Link you to AA/NA meetings that fit your preferences, Twelve Step programs, and other recovery events in your community.

To make a referral or to schedule an assessment, call us at 859-261-0086!

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